Wagtale is a boutique production house that creates film and animation for a variation of clients.

We're hands-on, enthusiastic and compelled to deliver extraordinary media.  We are personally committed to our clients' needs and are able to find the perfect medium through which to tell their story.

Started in 2015 by Jonathan Cornelius and Timothy Gabb, Wagtale is primarily focused on storytelling: we are writers, directors, shooters, editors, animators, designers and use these various tools to construct your ideal story.  

We specialise in branded storytelling, producing documentaries,  travel and tourism promotional films and animation. We  have worked throughout Africa, and specialise in remote location projects.

We like to work with conscientious brands that are committed to conserving their environment and uplifting members of their community where they can.

We're based in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa.

Mission Statement: To make meaningful and emotive films through an authentic and empathetic lens, and to strive to craft these stories in a unique, compelling and impactful way.

Our clients and collaborators include: